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Insider's insight: impact energy ratings for hydraulic breakers

Purchasing a hydraulic breaker shouldn't be compared to buying a mattress. Understanding its...

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Summer 24/7

24/7 has launched!

While our service team goes above and beyond in providing machine service for...

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Bringing versatility back to the jobsite with FlexiROC T30 R

Remember the once popular IR ECM 590 construction rig? Well, it’s back. Now you can get the same...

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The Super 20 | Summer 2020 Product Tour

In the tradition of our Product Tours here on the Mining and Construction Blog, we asked our...

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Best Practices for Buying Used Equipment Online

Demand for used construction equipment is on the upswing. Many factors are fueling increased...

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The Conexpo 2020 Product Tour

The new Epiroc products introduced at Conexpo-Con/Agg 2020 are designed to increase productivity...

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Making Service Smarter with Cutting Edge Drill Audit Technology

No mining or construction operation can exist without maintenance, but it’s a tenuous balance to...

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Smooth Grooves: Epiroc drum cutters can make a revolution in excavation

It took less than 10 minutes of demonstration for Kevin Hylton to make hisdecision to buy both the...

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Ways to use hydraulic attachments you didn’t think of before

In my 25 years working in the industry, I frequently hear the “true-or-false” questions about...


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