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The Snowball Effect of Smart Mining Technology

GPS-enabled SmartROC D60 Inspires Confidence and Exceeds...

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Insider's insight: impact energy ratings for hydraulic breakers

Purchasing a hydraulic breaker shouldn't be compared to buying a mattress. Understanding its...

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Summer 24/7

24/7 has launched!

While our service team goes above and beyond in providing machine service for...

Epiroc Boomer E1C-DH drill rig provides power, productivity and precision to the limestone market

Like most industries, the limestone market has endured its fair share of challenges over the past...

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Increasing predictability in production with autonomous drilling at KGHM’s Robinson Mine

The KGHM’s Robinson Mine team was tasked with ensuring a productive and efficient operation while...

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Podcast "You know the drill" launched

We are proud to announce the new “You know the drill” podcast as a resource for Epiroc’s internal...

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Spotlight on Service Summer 2021

Did you know our Parts and Service Division covers everything from technical training to...

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Pairing Epiroc drill rigs and drilling tools opens new opportunities for cost savings.

With the release of new rock drilling tools and surface crawler products, purchasing both from the...

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How our two leading water well rigs compare

Diamondback and TH60 are uniquely designed to provide customers a customized rig for their...

3 Leadership Practices for weathering the storm

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Weathering the Pandemic – Leadership Practices to Better Connect with Your Teams

Learn these three leadership practices to better connect with your teams, even during a pandemic....


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