Podcast "You know the drill" launched

We are proud to announce the new “You know the drill” podcast as a resource for Epiroc’s internal and external stakeholders. This is a platform for listeners to gain valuable insight into our products and services, updates in the industry, and hear from the top experts in the field. We’ve made it a mission to stream content that listeners can utilize in a convenient way. Our host Moira asks the guests to highlight the more common trends in the industry as well as the future of product development and innovation.

Here's a list of our first five episodes, click to see more details:

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Surface Drilling & Down-the-hole with Jerry Enyeart & Delaney Erickson

We are proud to bring the first episode of the “You know the drill” podcast with two fabulous guests. Jerry Enyeart, Epiroc District Manager in Midwest Region, and Delaney Erickson, Product Manager DTH, having a casual conversation about what they believe are the key items that Epiroc’s past, present, and future bring into the surface mining and down-the-hole drilling. They touch on products that were featured at Minexpo 2021 and discuss benefits of pairing SmartROC D65 and M-series DTH hammers.

Products mentioned in the podcast:

SmartROC D65 XLF – Click here to learn more 
The new generation SmartROC D65 XLF is packed with smart features such as automated drilling and rod handling and is equipped with an intelligent fuel-saving system that reduces fuel consumption by 20 percent compared to the FlexiROC D65 drill rig. 

The SmartROC D65 XLF is available in three feed beam sizes to carry 5-, 6- or 8-meter pipes, and has the capacity to drill down to a depth of 56 meters. When using 8-meter pipes, it is possible to drill 16-meter production holes with just one rod adding. 

COP 57P DTH Hammer – Click here to learn more 
It’s based on a modular design platform that is unique in today’s market. The customizable hammer is available in 19 variants specific to mining, quarrying, water well drilling and geotechnical drilling. The hammer can be used for different rock formations by optimizing for high or low impact energy as well as making sure the range is compatible with popular rigs and compressors. 


Surface automation insights with Tyler Berens & Mahmood Hassan 

In this episode we’ve focused on Epiroc’s automation. Tyler Berens and Mahmood Hassan provide their feedback on some of the new and best improvements that have been made over the last decade. These automation advancements include the 6th Sense, Automatic Bit Changer (ABC), Control Automation Panel (CAP), and how they all work together to provide a safer and more efficient drill process. 

Products mentioned in the podcast:

6th Sense Solutions  – Click here to learn more 
During MINExpo 2021, Epiroc showcased leading, state of the art, Automation and Information Management solutions as part of the 6th Sense capabilities. 6th Sense is Epiroc's answer to the mining and construction industries need for digitalization as an enabler for safety and productivity gains. A successful and efficient operation depends on safe methods, maximizing productivity, reducing downtime and controlling costs. 

Pit Viper 291  – Click here to learn more 
The Pit Viper 291 is designed to tackle larger diameter drilling in soft to medium ground conditions in both rotary and DTH drilling. The new addition to the industry-leading Pit Viper range is capable of 6 3/4 inches to 12 1/4 inches (171 mm to 311 mm) diameter holes with a 55 foot (16.76 m) clean hole single pass with the drill bit above the table. Also available with a 59-foot (18 m) option. 


Reman Program & Undercarriage with Andre Bertrand & James Hannah 

We’ve brought together a couple of the leading expert in the field of service operations. Andre Bertrand, Business Line Manager for Parts & Service in Canada, and James Hannah, Global Product Manager Drilling Solutions. They share insights on the new programs and services, which include the Reman Program for surface and underground remanufactured components and the new technology that increase efficiency in the drilling rig undercarriage.

More about the Reman Program - Click here to learn more
An alternative to new components, local service exchange programs, and repair and return service, the Reman Program is an exchange-related sales transaction whereby the customer is required to return a used core to the Customer Center in exchange for a remanufactured component.

The Reman Program can play a key role in making machine lifecycle costs competitive. The program offers customers a lower cost option to purchasing new components, while maintaining the highest availability and reliability.


Bolting Rigs with Mark Smith & Russ Osborne

Join Mark Smith, Product and Application Specialist, and Russ Osborne, Key Account Manager as they talk about the changes in bolting and the next generation of bolting rigs. They cover the Boltec M10 and E10 upgrades that make the rigs quieter and safer, as well as on-board automation features which ensure higher precision and performance.

Products mentioned in the podcast:

Boltec M10 and E10 Bolting Rigs with Battery Option – Click here to learn more 
The Boltec M10 and E10 can handle different types of bolts, mesh and installation methods, as well as optional battery-electric driveline or diesel hydraulic, radial and face bolting capabilities and extension drilling capability. Optional teleremote operation is available as well as a single bolt auto installation with self-drilling anchor bolts (SDA) in combination with pumpable resin.

The Boltec E10 was showcased at MINExpo 2021 for an up-close view. Designed for increased productivity and quality bolt installation, the rigs feature a new operator control panel, reduced noise levels, better visibility, and improved operator ergonomics.


Face Drilling and Battery with Pierre Lavictoire & Andre Barriault 


We brought together two product experts from Canada, Pierre Lavictoire for underground drilling and Andre Barriault for electrification, to discuss the changes in technology over the past few years that move the mining industry forward. Pierre covers automation features, internal hosing, and upgrades that make Boomer M20 highly productive. Then Andre explains the battery option for face drill rigs, battery conversion and BaaS (Battery-as-a-Service), along with other service products and features that provide less risk with more benefits.

Products mentioned in the podcast:

Boomer M20 – Click here to learn more
The new booms of the Boomer M20 jumbo drill rig feature internal hydraulics and a hoseless design. This means less unplanned down time for hose repairs which will increase productivity and machine utilization as well as facilitate planning of your mining operations.

Battery as a Service – Click here to learn more
Epiroc continues the charge towards electrification in underground mining and the new Boomer M20 comes with a battery-electric driveline option. A battery powered Boomer M20 brings additional savings on health, maintenance, ventilation and cooling.