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Directing Work in an Operation - Digital Solutions

Directing work in an operation. It's critical, orchestrating all those complex tasks takes the...

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Mobilaris Situational Awareness - Digital Solutions for Protecting People

Protecting people is all about safety, assets and tracking underground. Mobilaris Situational...

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The SmartROC T40-11

Chad Barry, product manager for Epiroc Canada, discussing the SmartROC T40-11.

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Deep Automation - CIM 2023 Video Series

"Deep automation is this new industry changing approach to underground automation. It connects...

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Surface Automation - CIM Video Series

From the Floor of CIM 2023, Clyde Chapendama discusses the benefits of Epiroc's Surface Automation



Digital Mining adds productivity and safety - ft. Epiroc's Dawn Larsen

The Northern Miner Podcast

Parts & Services, Epiroc Partner

Epiroc Canada Partners with ACE Services Mécaniques for Parts and Services in Northern Quebec (Abitibi Region) and Nunavut

We are pleased to announce that we have finalized our partnership with ACE Services Mécaniques...

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Mining Digitilisation - The benefits of Epiroc's Digital Software Interoperability.

A 2 minute Epiroc podcast brought to you by Dawn Larsen of Epiroc Canada exploring Mine...

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Epiroc Canada & Wesdome’s Kiena Mine: A Strong Collaboration Underground

We visited Wesdome’s Kiena Mine in Val-d’Or, Quebec in late 2022 to meet with Christian Morin,...

Customer stories, Underground

IAMGOLD Westwood improves safety and productivity with pumpable resin

IAMGOLD Westwood have been using pumpable resin on the Boltec for the past year which has resulted...


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